What is


APIs and services that recreate context and identify named entities in text very precisely.

From simple tasks as language detection to identifying and surfacing implied, relevant entities in unstructured text - we have all your text analysis needs covered.

Ingen.io's evolutionary new Natural Language Processing and Understanding approach has 3 key differentiators:

Leveraging the world's data from


Ingen.io uses UniGraph - "The world's largest repository of structured knowledge" to learn about and identify the things from the world we live in: people, companies, products, places, etc.

From statistical to

Brain-like approach

We emulate the processes of the brain, like long and short term memory and applying it across domains and languages, on affordable bare metal servers.

Internal development running on

Own, tailored infrastructure

Internally developed, globally deployed, scalable dedicated server infrastructure allows for down-to-the-millisecond optimization of every process and maximum concurrency.

Boost your unstructured text analysis

Extract meaning and context

Shoot us an e-mail at api@ingen.io and start your free trial. Increase the precision and recall and speed of your system with the Ingen.io’s API suite. Unlock completely new possibilities and workflows with the broader, contextual analysis.

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