Hi, we're  We connect real world objects in a Contextual Graph and surface additional, relevant information

Brain-like approach to knowledge organization and retrieval powered by the world's largest Knowledge Graph

Experience the Contextual Graph

Everything is connected! See yourself by playing with the cards below. What's connecting Google and the Soviet Union? Mind the node's "weight" as more often than not, what's not selected will be the key to connecting the selection - the power of the context!

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Marissa Mayer
Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton
Sergey Brin
Jeff Bezos
Larry Page
Bill Gates
Elon Musk
Stanford University
Republican Party
Alibaba Group
Democratic Party
Unites States
Soviet Union
Geo Political Entity  
  • Entity cards

    Entity Cards

    The Entity Cards present the minimum meaningful information to define a node:
    A label and description in English, official web, links to external resources and Wikipedia (all if available)


    Eric Papandreonasko

    Eric Emerson Schmidt is an American software engineer, a businessman, and the Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Inc. In 2017, Forbes ranked Schmidt as the 119th-richest person in the world, with an estimated wealth of US$11.1 billion.

    Official website: http://google.com

    Social:   Relative weight: 0.9545

  • Graph preview


    The thumbnail size represents the node's relative weight in the given context.
    Double click on image for the node's name and to see to which other nodes it points to

  • Request & Response


    Paste the below line in your terminal. You can change the ids or add new ones
    (any wikipedia page title will work) to check yours or your company's Contextual Graph


    Json Response

    The Response has two parts: The Entities are described and classified on the top
    their Relations are represented below.


Using structured knowledge graph for serving great models

How we combine 2 amazing technologies and spin quickly new and exciting products

How Ingen.io helps

Delivering real-time, trustworthy insights at scale

Discovery as a service

The Contextual Graph unveils the true meaning of text and makes the broader context available for analysis and detection of opportunities or threats

Answers in seconds, not days

Traversing the world's largest Knowledge Graph in seconds to deliver relevant information about any two entities, Ingen.io significantly cuts research and investigation time

Insights you can work with

The accurate categorization allows you to concentrate only on the entities you care about, or on the contrary - get the whole picture if needed

Knowledge Expansion and Customization

Ingen.io's knowledge and understanding of the world constantly grows and can even be customized to cover deeper a particular domain or accommodate private data


Upgrading any NER service

The Contextual Graph is a natural extension to the results of any NLP provider. Pass their response along to have it enriched and interlinked.

Ingen.io builds on the entity's link to any repository: Wikipedia, DBPedia, a niche one. 2900+ identifiers serve as exploration starting points to the Contextual Graph

Knowledge Economy Booster

Ingen.io empowers innovation. Harness the potential of the Contextual Graph to create new solutions and workflows!

Media Monitoring

Quite often what's not mentioned is more important than what is. Ingen.io improves the coverage of any monitoring solution, allows it go beyond the exact match and work with the broader context, at scale.

Know Your Customer

Ingen.io reduces the time needed to check for relationships between people and organizations. The response has links to external repositories where the information can be verified and enriched.

AI PA / Chatbot

Ingen.io's Contextual Graph improves the understanding of any application about the world we live in. Providing accurate suggestions and recommendations to any input has never been easier!

Simple Pricing, dedicated resources

A secure, private instance to cover your most demanding performance needs


Per Month

Purchase Plan
  • 24/7 Email support
  • Unlimited Calls
  • Dedidated server
  • Always up-to-date
  • Up to 15 calls/sec per server

Per Month

Purchase Plan
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Unlimited Calls
  • Custom data sources
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Up to 15 calls/sec per server

Merge open and private data in a unified Knowledge Graph

Powered by Unigraph, your private data can be enriched by public data sources and represented in an unified Knowledge Graph to be queried and traversed easily.

Let's discuss it together

The team behind

A small team with large support network and years of experience in building innovative, scalable Big Data solutions

Atanas Youroukov
Founder & CEO
Martin Linkov
Co-Founder & COO
Igor MIhalik
2014: Company Founded
Wayra Acceleration

Atanas and Martin left the media monitoring company they've been working for to start Ingen.io.
Wayra's Prague support and funding got the project off the ground.

2015: Neulogy Ventures investment
Team Growth

A solid prototype and an impressive clients pipeline secured Neulogy Ventures's pre-seed investment. Christian Mandl joined the company’s board, Igor joined as CTO.

2016: ODINE
Solid Knowledge & EU Recognition

With the late 2015 innovation grant from ODINE the company concentrated on developing Unigraph the Knowledge Graph powering Ingen.io’s contextual extractions.

2017: Private launch
Roll out and optimization

Starting early 2017 we've been rolling out Ingen.io to selected partners, addressing their feedback and constantly improving the system's scalability, performance and accuracy.